yeah so today i seen the essence of man with soda..man with hand on cold can..man with awe in front of wife for beef…no more kosha dillz yall..

its all about kosha grills..yeah!..sans the paul wall…

(did you guys get that joke…kosha girllz!!..not Jewish girls..spell it different)

So like I said
kosha grills. not kosha dillz…
enjoy the photo shots guys. home depot for life.
Real recognize Real

Where it all goes down

i almost got hit by a car I was so excited…wipe your chins fellas..kosha Grillz is finally here!!

the mother ship of “kosha grillz” is below…see the double cutting board and fridge!
oy vey!

this bad bad bad boy came in a close second…look how sleek it is…with a nice oven too…i love shiny kosha grillz! notice all those knobs too..man..!!

you know what they say about kosha grillz…once you go black you never go back:)

Hey… Grillers from Scotland or England (or where ever this dude was from) beg to differ. They like the cutting boards and little fridges. Tough life choices, I know.

going off topic
BTW Darjeeling Limited is an amazing movie about 3 brothers …it will get a blog for its mastery next. For more info about that cool movie I just mentioned, Hebrew national hot dogs and great ways to eat a burger at 7 am with a new grill from Home Depot, click your kosha mouse on Kosha Dillz

off to bed my loved ones..sleep well until we …..READ AGAIN!!!

moohahahaha!! (evil laugh)

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