Hello people.
I’m up late so Im gonna use some agression on this keyboard. I don’t think you know what I really do.

1. 125 shows played atleast last year. that leaves us with 365 days so I’m playing a show once every 3 days if not on occasion two. That was less than the year before, and i think this year will be more. Man up. If you can’t keep up you are in the dust. Rapping is a sport you where pads or shinguards in.

2. I went on tour with Snoop Dogg this summer. That’s right in Holland, where weed is legal. And no I don’t smoke. Snoop won’t smoke with you neither.

3. I had not one, but Two music videos on MTV. You can say what you want. MTV has broke everyone who ever counted in anything in life. MTV is the essence of music. Video killed the radio star. I have no label. I got those videos on there

4. I went to Sundance Film Festival and performed 7 times. You must wonder why this is so important. When you hand Elijah Wood and Russell Simmons your CD and perform with Del The Funk Homosapien and Mike Posner on the same tour, thats why you should kick yourself in the ass and wonder why you took january off to stay warm while I was freezing spitting freestyles on -28 Farenheit.

5. I volunteer wrestling coached a high school and drove a van for a rehab. Hardly the same thing but just imagine how hardcore I am. I coach wrestling. That most likely means I can flip your weakling ass over and choke you out with my thumb before you decide to do anything. I drive kids to and from detox that will slice your throat for one hit of a cigarette. Lucky they only got plastic forks.

6. I didn’t smoke one ciggarette, joint, or drink one beer or sniff anything neither. Not to say its bad if you do, but most of you people pass the time and watch you days go and ruin your careers or legacies. I don’t have time to waste. I’m here to kick ass and if I do any of that there shall be no asses to kick except mine, when I end up so gone I’ll most likely end up in jail. Look at this guy.

7. I bumrushed a main speaker meeting at SXSW and stole the show and all the money in the room too. I didnt really steal it but my cleverness and quick thinking went viral and earned me thousands of dollars already based on the actions that day.

8. I played SUMMER JAM at giants stadium with every major rapper. While they were shouting out Lil Wayne in Rikers Island, I was still fresh off performing after i got called up the day before for a performance at Summer jam. most of you listen to the radio, and i was def the only Jewish kid in there.

10. I got my own character in a video game. NBA 2k11. you hear it right i got my own character. I dunk on Lebron James, Michael jordan, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lil Bow Wow and every other person thats famous, and me. That right im a clebrity in a basketball game. And i dont even play basketball like that. I’m a true hustler. They loved my work ethic and 2ksports hit ME up to participate in the most epic thing ever!

EXTRA CREDIT (for me for me)

11. I got kicked out of England, snuck into rock the bells, twice (in NYC/DC), and opened up for Wiz khalifa and Wu tang, and then recorded a song with Rza and Kool G Rap, all in three days.
. If you don’t get how I’m worth a million dollars right now its ok. Who gets deported out of London for A jewish festival (first time in 30 years of festival) to Berlin, after touring with Freeway and Necro, flys to NY, then heads to Rock The Bells, sneaks in to VIP backstage, drives to Maryland, gets in Rock the Bells, and gets pulled on stage by Poison Pen to rock a impromptu set, followed by studio session with Rza and Kool G Rap in the Wu Mansion, ( a collaboration which has never happened in history)

I consult, I jump , I rap , I book, I act, I lift, I direct, I hire, I promote, I show up, I study, I chase, I hunt, I live I breathe, I repeat,repeat I repeat, and then maybe I promote some more, and then i charge and I collect and I save…and then I invest and then I do it all over again, in a day. AFTER ALL IS DONE, I eat and I type, and last but not least, I WRITE.

I also tell my family I love them every day and i reach out to my friends. I never wait for anyone to reconnect with me. I reconnect with them first if its important enough.

I compliment people.

I do my best to be polite.

I pray and I thank G-d for what I got because I’m lucky enough to be here on this planet.

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