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KILLAH PRIEST and kosha dillz:)

i was searching along the waves of the wu tang corp page where i found myself on one fresh new mixtape that i will put up here for all my fellows to download…if the DILLZ and support killah pirest. He is a legend and this mixtape certainly looks super duper friggity fresh. Give it in between your come down of all the electro hipster stuff you listen too. Beuatiful death will certainly make you smile.

im track #6!!

Just in case some of you haven’t seen this…
If it belongs anywhere it’s here :

The Offering Hologram ~ By whers.

01. Black 007
02. War & Pestilence Ft. Canibus
03. 2 Offering Cuts ?
04. Through Milleniums
05. I Still Remember Ft. Raw Dogs
06. Beautiful Death Ft. Kosha Dillz
07. Legal Coke 08. Profits Of Man Ft. 60 Second Assassin
09. The Prayer Ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Gabriel Batler, Abio Dun
10. Constant Dreams
11. Galaxy Of Kings Ft. Vendetta Kings
12. Nightfall
13. Angels & Demons Ft. Sick Jacken
14. Criminal Mind Ft. Cappadonna
15. Stained Glass Theory
16. Honor
17. The Offering Freestyle Session Pt. 1
18. The Offering Freestyle Session Pt. 2
19. Ready 2 Ride Freestyle
20. Behind The Stained Glass


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