The Homeless Addiction – Dennis Roady and 12 Step Recovery

I talk to my friend Dennis on the phone about what is going on in this world. He mentioned i should check out his lil 22 minute video he made about homelessness, and I finally did. It’s not some little video , but more so an amazing good deed, a impromptu award winning film, and it has been seen by over 1,000,000 people already. A guy who makes prank videos, decided to go homeless in his home town, catch pneumonia , and literally save the world, or at least one person to the best of his ability. He was robbed by an identical twin, sletp under a bridge, and watched his new friends shoot heroin. He also spoke with his Mom, who reminded me of my mother, like all the time when we do something for “too long.” LOL.

Who would ever think a man would get into recovery this way?

Check out aaron picket on twitter and tell him to keep on going and stay clean!! Also add Dennis Roady , and tell him how inspiring he is.



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