k flay in BK all day

Techically yes…this little starlet from the west coast is sort of a favorite of mine, so I’ll be hanging out in a tatoos shop (tatoojewmovie.com is pretty fresh although I have none) and its 312 93rd st. Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Made Tatoo (this is tomrrow at like 7 pm-ish)

me and her have a lot in common, since we are both to kids that will open for snoop dogg. bow wow wow yippie yo yippie K (flay)

check her rochester pics (shout to gillateen for being in the hizzy)

also check this cool picture of her. If you click you get
instant mashed Potatoes

I didnt really get why she ate so much potatoes but then i figured out that she Mashed beats together. SHe curses a little bit but its mostly ok for the kids…

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