SOuth paw show recap—NJ NYC shows this weekend

i must same i was very pleased with the event thrown by me…and all my rapperfriends in the communiuty…BrokeMc, Metermaids and kats and Domer are all super stars for being such professionals….
I honestly have never been so happy with peoples professionalism since dealing with …well..anybody! Roebus One, my touring partner form the SparE Change Tour came out with some great new material and showe dup with special guests Renegade and Tab, who really helped fill up beats by Mr Green.

In the end…Fresh Daily was unnable to attend due to recurring problems with his knee. As you all know, Fresh has had trouble in the past and we all wish him a speedy recovery for valentines day…(or any other day for that matter!)

With Free ice cream shirts by kats and domer..the new beverly dillz single…and hey ..the handsome grandson Flex Mathews
even showed up running from a cab…
we had a freetyle session..

we hope we have brought you a typical rap show….lol..that should be our motto..

shout to Realityaddiction a great bunch of Jewish MTV soon to be’ers in my eyes…they were no so on time..but they so rocked:)

so official shoutouts to everyone..and the sick email list i got!!

see you feb 14th valentines day at
93 n 6th st. lovin cup cafe

dj absurd, ready cee and more.!

we also havea suprise show with roebus and renegade/tab this weekend in linden nj
so thats friday..

ok..more to come soon in this kosha dillz world we live in

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