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16 years clean today – a self reflection

Hey guys.

here is me walking down the street with too much stuff as My father would say.
Also, today is my sweet 16!

Yes, it has been 16 years since i got arrested (in new jersey) drunk, high, and all those other things that ruined my life for so long. I was set up in a sting operation and arrested in front of the entire school of Rutgers. That day my life changed. July 30,2004.
People say…Rami how did you do it ?

The best part about it all is that my recovery mindstate has taken me into real-life success. If there are 1000 people at your show out there and only 1 person resonates with it, (you get booed off the stage and feel horrible).. I have done great enough show to continue on. The individual relationship is my dream.and line to the entire world of possibility. To help another person achieve is an irreplaceable experience, especially within recovery. To love is necessary and to believe in the greater good of human ability to change, is a true joy everyone should experience.

Today is the holiday of Tish Baav., and we mourn the destruction of the temple. It is supposedly the saddest day in Jewish history.
And with my luck, when I feel my lowest and got booed off stage, I still never got high once because I know it resonates with someone.
And now I will go enjoy my day.

photo by Shmully Wolfson.

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