Tour Blog 5-I lookah for the sukkah- in london

SO first off….Last night was so spectacular..i wnt to say that I was on stage and I sold shirts and made money for the first time since saturday…what a groove..I was tour was cancelled!!
I didnt give up..i showed up to the raekwon show early…and managed to push my way on for a set…

i earned instant fame…i slept on a couch for a few days and suffered incredible jet lag…stayed up for 24 hours and rocked a show with Akil form jurassic 5. Mind you, while i hoped to find his tour, he said he just saw me on the night before performing in Atlanta rapping in Hebrew!! (shout to my muslim bro from Atl!!)

Mind you this video helped me link with the gang and earned me some stage time, and earned me a trip on the rest of his tour…It goes to show you what hardwork does…
today is a day off and tomrrow rolls over to bristol so I am looking for two things..a meeting and a sukkah. luckily..while looking for a sukkah, there is a annual bash in NYC for shemspeed there must be something in london!!


ok its all from bumruching raekwon to a tour with Matisyahu to some good old pizza with my fellow Jews on Sukkot..this trip is turning out ot be a friggin TRIP…

I gotta stay away from these londonians..boy do they sure party…! Im gettin a feeling that by this weather and food, it might be the only thing that relieves their pain.

cheers mate!

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