hey everybody…
Im writing you all from the road here….Hancock Park…K Town LA…right outside of Hollywood…letting you know that KOSHA DILLZ WORLD is here to stay.

Its beena dream of mine to have my own amusement park. a place where you cna find all the best stuff…the best news…the best music…the most change and the most “blah blah” ever!!
Here spelling errors need not be corrected…people need not be judged…
KOSHA DILLZ WORLD, everybody is cool..!

I finish my album today Beverly Dillz and will be headed to Belief’s up in echo park fora hipster breakfast…along with some calling for tee shirts…

PS. i am gettin emails about tee shirt orders and apologize for my lateness…i am currently cloning myself now so I can get all this work done.

note to self: POST OFFICE game is whack..step up my post office game. <3 well this is my first official blog on the website of just writing.. Im kinda all testing it out...soon there will be email quotes..publicity rides...weekly parsha, secret zionist conspiracy chatrooms and all other great cool peaceful party places!!! well lets not get carried really excited to have my own website guys.. more to come...and ofcourse.lets all shout out TONY EDER of memphis tennessee...who has made it all possible! stomach had a flu hence the name of the title..of this blog..but i feel better now.

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