some of the 10 greatest things at ROI I had.

It never fails that I want to blog every day. I didn’t! I was too into the conference. I wanted to document every moment.

I have top 10 of ROI (ok…there is way more…but here is A TOP 10 in no particular order)

1. Hearing my girl Rachel from Uganda play live and singing brought tears to my eyes. It is so awesome to know Jews are in Uganda.

2. Performing in front of 150 really cool jewish people + Meeting Yehuda, one of the only people born in Guyana who had a father that was a minister and converted to Judaism.

3. Meeting the editors of newsweek and vice and not trying to get them to write about me (seriously)

4. Having 3 meals a day of amazing food. Literally 3 different kinds of salmon.

5. Doing a freestyle rap about the chabad guy.

6. Telling everyone that addiction needs to be addressed in the jewish community and with 150 people in attendance with half the people being ivy league graduates, we should talk about it!

7. Meeting a girl who is suing donald trump from the santa clara courthouse.

8. Connecting with a Canadian Calgary girl who is bringing life coaching into prisons and gave three TEDx talks already!

9. My roommate was the founder of Midburn, the israeli branch of Burning Man. I am officially plugged forever into the name dropping of the burner community.

10. Shared a dance with a world medalist in wheelchair dance from Israel’s National Team.

check out the ROI Community online and It is pretty cool.

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