holy tour blog! – lots of days-memories

as time goes on tour you lose track of time zones. you also lose track of what state you are in, who paid for gas last, and who else is promoting what show on what bill.

On the good news. we had picked up some extra shows.

we played with talib…we played with U-N-I
we freestyled with MURS and VERBS and NOCANDO

after endless rapping at places like diners (teds diner and denver diner)
and rockinga pizza date witha 6” 1 beauty on her drunken birthday at the walnut room in denver to playing a warehouse in boulder colorado witha bunch of punk bands..I’d like to say thanks in advance to all you fun people out there.

big shout out to the gas station woman from gothensburg nebraska who bought 40 bucks worth of cds and filled up the tank.

RUde Punch… thanks for the love homies!!

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