Matisyahu and Kosha Dillz team up for Some Central Park Summer Stage Mayhem!

this past week was crazy..from sawing off legs in videos of black skeptik to stage diving to more…you will all begin to see the ultimate blogging of my current tour…FUN IN THE SUN…but the week before had me suprisingly rock infront of 7,000 plus people in two days…and there is still more to come!
check this sick yet healthy display of rapping about yarmulkahs and love…awww

matisyahu even said…

Yarmulkahs?? you couldnt ask for a better word!!”

my name is kosha dillz…how could I no be prepared for that ingenious supply of vocabulary:) (wink, wink)

oh yeah and speaking of stage diving…
the perfect stage dive is here…!
next week we will combine these videos and hopefully start up the compare and contrast of how not to stage dive…and watch how philiadelphia is city of brotherly love to a bad stage dive:)

to be continued!

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