Writing my thoughts in LA for August – how can I be better?

Hey guys.
I’m tryin to keep my schedule to a point where I am working out every day and losing weight, making myself more attainable, making money and producing more content. I have always been a person who never has the opportunity to be consistent because I always find an excuse. I’m not here to chat off anyone’s head, but I have been the lightest I have been in 10 years at 195 pounds (was 210) and also hit the 10 year mark of being clean and serene. My addictions have turned to carbs and sweets, and obsessing over relationships that don’t exist. After reading my brother’s excerpts on kicking ass, I realize I have mad support for doing what I do. My entire family is independent and works for themselves. We can either complain that its hard or continue the branding ceremony.

There is 25 days left in August. What will I do with them?

For now.
Each day I will try to…yes. all this…below

1. Evercise (even if 15 min run)
2. cook (healthy and saves money)
3. write // record rhymes. (record // edit)
4. take video – (edit as well)
5. email businesses and secure work – booking
5a. Street perform for two hours.
6. submit to licensing (atleast one a day)
7. write marketing articles – a passion of mine
8. pray and meditate (even if 5 min)
9. Do something person – (a show, netflix, talk shit to my friends, call parents, brothers, share something funny)
10. Study Israel history and Hebrew (even if 15 min)

I want to succeed so much. My friends have wrote books. My friends have released movies. They make hit vlogs. Why have I not had a hit? I need one. Or alt east I need another one!

Love you all,


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