Kosha Dillz @ The Grammy’s??

so I know its been a while since the grammys but you got to all know that i was totally pimping it out..
Yeah i figured Id show you a sneak peak of this star quality I have ( you all know this)
So while we are on tour (myself and Flex mahtews) I remembered I had some pictures with Robin Thicke when he was totally bombed out about not rocking with me at the Grammy’s. I said “listen bro, Im gonna let Lil Wayne shine right now and next time we roll out we’ll represent together.
he said…
“Yo kosha man…I gotta take a flic with you!”
I’m like ” cool man I usually don’t do it like this…but for you robin …no doubt. lets do it.”

And here it is…Robin Thicke and Kosha Dillz. So yeah..



check him…check out Flex Mathews as well at http://www.myspace.com/flexmathews

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