des moines – via burlington- @ trevor hall show

Hey so Im at Caroline’s dorm room where its all hot and steamy, sike…well no really
but we rocked a show in front of 500 people about to jump all over me and hence, i decided to blog afte rbeing invited to the college dorm rooms (simpson UVM aka WHERE ITS AT aka THE DORM)
by 8 hot underage ladies. (legal but still quite young aka not exactly a child aka old enough aka you cant tell me how old I am aka if you were older)

so enjoy this video and Maura’s homecooking and Syd’s (hope she gets better) and i wanna give a big shout out to Frankie, and her beat boxing career. She’ll be coming on tour with me, and will most likely have to resign from her classes this semester. Pass the ad/drop period. this might be an issue. but…if her father/mother has any issues with this..please feel free to notify my team at
My assistant will brief you on our routing schedule.

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