Brooklyn hip Hop Festival Recap

Yeah I know I need to brush my teeth, but hey…its the BK HIP HOP FESTIVAL!!! I want to spit HOT FIRE!!! SO MUCH HOT FIRE!! Ill need grillz like this guy below me…bling bling!

kosha grillz part II …i guess everyone is really happy to see me!!!

J the Arch is holding it down thoroughly with the Jews @ the bk hip hop festival, educating them and what not and what is really hood..Knishes Lox and all that…after explaining the food blog by our friendly bright shirted connoisseur,
we decided that our relationship will expand. J arch + kosha dillz are..ghetto knishes

yeah hat is Keith Murray. No he is not a Nazi, although its the first thing that it actually looks like. There were lots of Jews here today in his surprise mash pit @ South Paw after platinum pied pipers rocked. If you dont know about that, check out Wajeed and the Bling47 group. (that sounds really illy financial status advisor or something right? The bling47 group along with kosha dillz associates….lol)
anyways Keith Murray is legendary. BTW, he is the best live hip hop acts I have seen in 2008. Big ups to Radix, i thin they’re gogin on tour with him. That’s a great looks.
hhhaa..He smacked some kid in the head last night. I just remembered that.

what a beautiful night. Too bad every girl I wanted to hold hands with was Catholic.
How do I know? I asked every girl sitting on the bench … while they were with their BFs.LOL..a little bit weird I know.

even though his knee hurts he can still make a cool rapper face about his daily produce…yep…FRESH DAILY.

PACK FM on stage with a JEW…taking a picture…(that me taking on of him) while people are partying with Keith Murray.

Wow everyone…so many superstars to be seen. It was a day of fun, grace, unity and legends of our own backyard. For any emcee or producer, you should be ashamed if you weren’t there! ( a necessity to be seen at event like this )
Everyone you can imagine was there from DJ Premier to KRS One.
Buckshot and jeru da Damaja were there.
Invincible was there rocking the after party. Lil Sci was chilling in the crowd filing the ever so energetic set of buckshot.

I met Akir for the first time and congratulation to his new boy! (You got a good rapper as a father!)

So i wandered back to the spot where there were really pretty black girls and some flashy kats with dreads and clipboards. Its weird to see these guys because as an artist yo think…hey look at these guys, with a fake Source mag thing.

There was a dope rapper who was well dressed. his last rhyme also did not rhyme at all and it was still a punch line. I’m not sure what he said, but i also figured out it was Mickey Factz. He is pretty popular. He rocked the festival and after he got of he went right over to get on it.!

oh yeah did i mention…h kep s KOSHER and celebrates PESACH (Passover) mAZEL tOV mICKEY fACTZ!!! that sounds like his new name. Mazel Tov Mickey. I should make him a shirt that says that!

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