this past week!! record deal–The FINAL ROUND!

i did this in deleware with the homies the 49ers for some compilation in Canada or japan. I swore i didnt rhyme on it but I really love it..its a weird verse but I realized that the song is so catchy…its all good..when you win someone over…you win them over.
See in Rap..crowd control, you can really gain the crowd over..if you are “they”…and THEY DONT KNOW!
I won the hot 97 battle this past week and blazed multiple emcees…and realized I won the crowd over…i could’ve said kat in the hat..yep..i couldve said that in the last round and won
check it out…i want you to see whats happening to hip hop today in the finals of this battle….how people are re-idiot-erating the lines of other rappers and basically not even knowing who duck down is… !! I hope you spread the word. Whackness must be stopped..and good music must prevail…Im looking forward to hitting the studio with Buckshot and seeing what we cook up.
Also. Id like to thank people like Sumish, Illroots Hiphopdx, Allhiphop, Shemspeed and other people who have been helping out with the public seeing these videos and ofcourse Duck Down for Sponsoring the battle.

enjoy and comment!!

xo kosha

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