Lots of things: videos, MC HAMMER, 5 am, success, TV contests

So there is just all kinds of great thigns going on . We (myself and flex mathews) completed a mini tour starting from Boston to Philly to NJ to NYC…
lets give it a whirl and recap

I rocked Hip Hop for social change at Tufts university
I went on a date
I rocked a show at the Trocadero in Philly
I rocked Rutgers University- israel independence day show
I rocked 140conf ,sullivan hall, and chilled with jim jones mc hammer ryan leslie and even matt pinfield! …

ok…its hammer time

i just came back from the joint and gota oflder of beats form Paris…but Im just gettin so pumped that my album is selliong more and more as it goes along, rather than going down in sales. (shows you hard work pays off)

I had a phone call with a brother of a friend from the UK . My homie passed away so it was really a cool experience to be this person who saw the brother in the brother, and now gets a chance to be friends with the other one. I think that was cool.

Myself and Flex Mathews randomly got an email from one of our SXSW freestyles. With that randomness in the open now, we are #1 in the running out of near 77 entires for a chance to host a tv show in San Francisco. Please vote for us! click on the link below. vote every day up till april 26th!


ok now at 140 there was al kinds of stuff going on , including this crafty beat Diwon put together for us..wanna see it???
cick here

the best part is that I gave about 30 eighth graders my autograph.

ok now, i came home at 2 am after a repeat date and came up on this video a few hours ahead of the game, I prefer you continue to chek out the person I think its the next big thing. the time for me is 3:35 am but the name of this song is one hour and 25 minutes ahead (5 am for you smarty pants’)

right now im coming off multiple dates (yes, with a girl) and a necesssary desire for sleep witha swollen jaw from grinding my teeth at night. my dad said i might need a retainer. Im not so sure.

oy vey…time to go to bed…tonight I did watch “madea goes to jail”

Id say that was a random and also..a guy on twitter who did 27 years in prison spoke on prison and twitter…he also told me how we did all this illegal stuff and now that hes on twitter, he is social media:) pretty cool if you ask em

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