140conf rap up vs DIgg nation vote contest vs Snoop Dogg Download

well from the looks of it…you can see it was packed..not physically, but with character..remember.you only need 140 of them so this palce was really big.

Myself Diwon and Flex Mathews all hada blast as did the middle school of St James.

On another, myself and Flex mathews are really looking to wina contest at

if we win, we get flown out to a really cool place called San Francisco, where we meet with the owner of Digg nation, which is one of the bggest social media sites ever (just think, its like twitter headquarters, but its called DIGG)

and we shall host a new .TV show becuase we are so awesome.

after you vote on this website

oh have you check THIS

make sure you check out my FREE DOWNLOAD OF ME SNOOP DOGG AND DIWON

ok…now remember..please vote till april 26th on this contest by clicking here and here
and here also.

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