hey were on a couch in chicago feb 22 - Kosha Dillz World

hey were on a couch in chicago feb 22

shout out to LEAH JONEs…

so yeah like..word…flex keeps singing about weird tings and he actually got the air mattress…i had the couch ans was so tired i fell asleep in my jeans…the boks ar elong and Leah ahsa really cute conddo with wind louder than NJ traffic out side her place. (thats chicago)
today is a good…day >>wehavea gig a Reggies Place and just got some more press…Thts what I dont really understand…all this rapping…we need some press besides fliers.! so we got some!!
http://modularmoods.com/ has lil thang on the tour as well as
ROck the Dub

anyways..im so tired i need to nap..i need more sleep..show later:) xzzzzzzzzzzz

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