today we are live in chicago tour blog-5 Rapperfriends - Kosha Dillz World

today we are live in chicago tour blog-5 Rapperfriends

ok guys
last night was weird..were officially in the midwest and are ready to see the snowstorms…lastnight we switche dback hours and rocked for ROCKFORD
it was quite entertaining…a former strip club…with real live people who participate in that field…:( ( that always saddens me)
in attendance…but none the less…the show had to go on…

grea popcorn..drunk people..bad mics..and cool people…
we had a great time with blacklung..religious christians show couldnt stop drinking…and ummm…pretty women tryin to dance with me

pretty drunk women actually who jumped on stage and then further went on to dance with the booty drop..but…the whole time im if my girlfriend sees his…hahahah
so anyways..
these towns are the towns where you have to rock with a band…becase they might be the only people how actually listen to your music…we were in competition tonight with Ludacris and TI, who were out in dekalb.

Rubberband man like TI….the night before in Ypsilanti was far from this drunkerdness…but don’t worry..we have a sober hot dog instore today..and then we have..the infamous OSHKOSH WISCONSIN…where othe rpople are knwon for thier cheese and beer.

remember…this weekend should be make sure you check in for updates..and maybe a guest blog from Flex Mathews…

next up chicago…chicago…chicago…wisconsin…nebraska…minneapolis:)

love kosha

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