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out in michigan..still–on a farm

man i just cant get enough of the rapperfriends show…flex mathews continues to woah the crowd and make step up my rapping game.
We are chilling with the homie Caleb and are learning the ins and outs of the booking game. We actually met two years ago in johnson city tennessee…

so we have been hitting dennys and fried food spots..and had some great conversation in Mac’s bar lansing…where someone gave me $25 dollars for an Israeli charity. Freestyle vs Written has been selling like mad…
mad as good..and more and more funny sotires have happened..for instance..
i slept in a room at Philly Phil’s house in dayton and played gamecube..and then we had a run in with verizon sotre and my dang charge port is messed up..and then theres flex mathews and how he blatantly told me he was a candy addict..and he need to go to sugarehab.

ummm..we habe to go ROckford now..which is 6 hours…and then we are gonan come back 5 hours to play with a band for a 100 dolalrs in saginaw..(i think) because we really dont care right now..about what we are doing except rapping. I met “mikey 2 bands” at a Matisyahu concert..and well.. thats a great statement to here..especially since most shows teeter off at 50-70 heads…

Beverly Dillz Single has been going off well…and damn..i was gonna say that..we should shout out Nate..a POS fan off myspace..( i saw 2 POS shirts…one with Red Pill and one with Nate)

our stay at the howard johnson was amazing…thank gosh..because. they has a huge appearance and a cold night…a massive pool and gym…jacuzzi (we didnt use them_) and we are also pumped we went to the 24 hour joint across from Mac’s.

man..i wanna keep writing…i acquire junk..pass out flyers in diners..and meier’s…had my first stand up comedy act…in ypsilanti michigan.

so yo…i hope you guys enjoy a laugh on this sporadic email..while i get ready to cruise…i still havent had a haircut..its shabbat..and well…you know..blah blah blah…

love this website and tell people about how awesome it is to talk about nothing..aka…what my mind feels like after sleeping at 5 am coming home form Denny’s to a farm at 5 30 am.

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