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90 day street performance in 90 days – a test of commitment, consistency, and faith – Day 18

I want to say the number 18 represents lots of cool things to me. It is life. It is 9, which signals the rebirth of things. It is 2018 and then it is January 18 and then we are 18 days into my commitment.

Performing on the street is something I am embarrassed to do. I am trying to get back to the core of my belief system when I was once frightened to go on stage in front of anyone. Today I can play in front of 2000 to 10,000 people and never feel like I am nervous. But performing on a ground level with other humans who walk by and look down upon you is an amazing builder of charisma, yet also inspirational to those who are looking for it. The art of the busker is odd. some of the best do it, from Andy grammar to Too Many Zoos. In 90 days, I hope to see the miracles of it all. I have met all kinds of people from homeless ones to big time marketing executives to DJ paul of Three 6 Mafia. check the list below.

Since I started I have gotten

1 a fake $100 bill
2.Two Real $100 dollars bill
3. Met Scottie Pippen at Tyrese’s house party I was invited too
4. Live streamed with Ice Poseidon and gained over 200 subscribers on youtube and 150 Instagram followers
5. Earned over $1500 dollars.
6. Rapped under the grove parking lot during a rain storm.

I am headed to sundance film festival for some of my first shows of the year, and also will be headed to NYC where I will perform as well.

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I can’t wait to see what is created from my effort to not give a crap what you think about what I do!!


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