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update on updates–marathon?

hey guys…im just gonna keep on blogging for now while a update you on how i update…you will see new gadget and a whole new look of me. you will […]


whats up guys…im hoping youa re all well..Im in LA now and figure that I must treat you to my new advenutres…since it is a holiday I have been limiting […]

Kosha dillz and C Rayz Walz in November 08 Spin Magazine 2

Yezzir, we got in SPIN Magazine and if you can’t read that it says, “The unlikely combo of African American Indie Vet and Israeli American Newbie results in a hilarious […]

blog #54 where are you?

hahah…i bet you remember that 54…where ar eyouthe great thing about dc is that when you park by my mans crib…vikyou like have to get up and get our […]


Indie hip-hop icon C-Rayz Walz teams up with fresh-faced, yeshiva-trained wordsmith Kosha Dillz for twelve tracks that mix freestyle and written rhymes, classic and new-school beats, and the frantic, fast-paced […]

blog #50 a milestone from Sioux City-a weird time

so anyways…im here..the middle of nowhere tour #1 meth town in the USA its pretty crazy…i must say. everyone is nice but like too drunk. Mankato was a messy drunkard […]

The Evolution of Fan remix!

click this button to download the remix this is for the “evolution of fan”off the new LP Freestyle vs Written enjoy your listening pleasure…enjoy with your ears on.( those are […]

freestyle vs written album release !!! pics and the artists who were there..

SEPTEMBER 10th history was made.. WHAT a cool pic of me on the micro “phone” at the party..thanks to nick and Kendra for the pic.. THIS IS AN AWESOME ALBUM […]

c rayz walz is the Freestyle

some people know I have an LP with C RAYZ WALZ…here he is with a acting cameo from fellow stronghold member Suave Sever. Lemme know whats up. Lemme know what […]


peace everybody. In the middle east for that matter. Now music has been done in many ways. I mean it has been done in Hebrew, Arabic, Indie hipster language, and […]