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Kosha’s Newsletter : There’s a New Jewish Star with Gucci…from the Middle Ages

Nuuuu…You’d never believe it – WHAT A STORY!
First off…Click this for my TV appearance raps tonight or come back to it later!.

Hi! It’s Rami here!
STORY TIME. On Friday right before this past Shabbat, I got a text while in Teaneck from a supporter named Josh who connected me with a man named Brian in NYC. He invited me to “go do his podcast.”Just another day when someone wants my “Jewish story” and “mental health story”….ok! Not too exciting since its not launched but lets go show them some love.

So, I called up Josh and he said….
“Trust me! You’d want to do this. He’s a Jewish guy from Vegas. It is gonna be big when it launches. Get there early”

I’m more excited about my morning person side quest so I wake up at 7:30 am to get picked up at 8:15 am. I went to Manhattan with a car service that was so kind and was welcomed by a cheerful Romanian assistant. Grabbed a coffee and got my banana nut bread although I am on a diet and requested just a banana. Ok…just a bite!

I did the podcast at 9 am and
After completing the podcast they say… “Kosha… we’d like to give you a gift.”

What could it be? I thought who gives gifts so early in the morning anyways?

So out comes Brian and Adam with this forest green Gucci bag. I’m like oh snap. I recently bought a pair of socks…but what could be? A GUCCI K key chain.

Wow…a Gucci key chain!?

Fine. I attached it to my Blink Fitness and New York Public Library Card and Niagara Falls key chain!

IMG 3672
Spider Man New York Library Card x Blink Fitness x GUCCI = Weird Flex but Oy Vey.

So you think that is nice?? I was kinda astonished by it but also I don’t what I actually do with a keychain as I am usually losing my keys! But it made me feel awesome to get a gift when I had no clue I’d even meet them two days earlier.

So now I am simmering down from the Gucci Key Chain Ecstacy
Brian was chatting with his Romanian assistant and then said to me… Rami. “Listen man. That’s not it. You are so authentic and so real of a conversation. You were so vulnerable I really wanted to give you this Jewish star / Magen David. Yes, the one around my neck!”

Wow. x 7.

It is from the middle ages in Austria post-1485-1750 era. He ought from an auction house.


WHAT THE HELL? last one I had I lost and I haven’t had one in so long. So now I know he def spent nearly $700 on this thing and now I have attached myself to the energy of attracting this new necklace.

So after all this happened in the span of 5 minutes, I told Brian…I’m gonna wear this Jewish star (or Magen David as I call it usually) on television for you…that way we can keep the story of this star going!

IMG 3674
here is the back of the magen-david!!!

IMG 3673

WILD ‘N OUT BACK ON TV + Jewish American Heritage Month

I collaborated with AJC. Global on Jewish American Heritage Month.WATCH HERE. I rap about famous actors and bands that are Jewish.

Tonight I am back on TV and I am smiling way more than the first. Make sure you watch it !!

May 21 Weitzman Museum Philadelphia, PA
June 4 Israel Parade New York, NY
June 9 Sababa Fest Narrowsburg, NY
June 21 Make Music NY @ Pier 17 rooftop New York, NY
June 24 Bayville Fest Bayville, NJ
June 28 Mercury Lounge w/ Ries Bros New York, NY (BIGZ SHOW + RELEASE FOR ME!
June 29-July 2 Jewish Festival w/ Value Culture Krakow, PL
July 30
Aug 3-5 Everwild Fest Thornville, OH
Aug 11-14 Elements Festival (rap class) Long Pond, PA
Aug 24-27 New Zealand Limmud Auckland, AZ

text for tour dates 732-335-7573 or email rapperfriends@gmail.com so I can send you to our booking agent!

Listen I appreciate you being here and reading along as also my story. Maybe there are some ways we can work together! Maybe we can talk? Keep me in your prayers because next week is big but I’ll let ya know. about that…. and oh yeah…Shabbat Shalom!
I am headed to Detroit tomorrow for a business trip!

text me and say hey 732-335-7573 !!
Chat soon,

pss. If you made it this far, I am shooting an NYC scene for my short film “Not Everything Has To Be So Serious ” in NYC. Wanna be involved help or even act as an extra? Respond to this!

Ok I’m done for now!

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