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2023 Kosha Dillz Jewish programs

PERFORMANCE PROGRAMS For Kosha Dillz aka Rami Even-EshKosha Dillz Jewish Programming Deck (1)

1. KOSHA DILLZ CONCERT – A Great Show Of Rapping, Singing, Dancing, English And Hebrew Rhymes With Some Spanish Too, And Lots Of Israeli Sampled Music Into Amazing Beats (Great For Yom Haatzmaut, Israel Week, Or Hannukah, Purim, Sukkot, College Any Other Reason)

2. Kosha Dillz and The Hustler’s Circus – This show includes comedy. music, and special guests that may appear at a circus, from the world of Kosha Dillz. It is a comical take on his life, with a hopeful twist.

3. HOW TO BECOME A JEWISH RAPPER IN 45 MINUTES – get your own rap name, rap group, beatbox, spit a freestyle, and write a song and perform it, all while having enough time to rush out the door and get to your next class or business meeting(Very popular w/ comical twist) Kosha Dillz lets the world in on his secret to having the only job title in his field. Specifically used to help each other with quick thinking, improv situations, and yes…dating.

4. FROM JAILS TO JUDAISM – a not-so-typical story of Jewish inspiration from the rags of spiritual demise, jails, parole, and probation, to the riches of spiritual freedom, with a comical twist. (Shabbat dinner service + in relation to current Parshah, holiday, Israel, and more).

5. TEDX STYLE PROGRAM – 1-hour program with 3 speakers (10 min – 18 min) where we bring our speech to your place and also incorporate some of the most prolific students/members of your synagogue // community to speak. Topics stick to inspirational stories, encourage personal growth, and ultimately get uploaded to YouTube // Vimeo. etc.

6. Israel at 75 – Kosha Dillz comes and performs at your celebration and speaks alongside local community leaders as well as a concert/performance in celebration.

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