Cleaning House + upcoming dates.

Cleaning House!

Hi website famalam. It’s Rami!

I am staying home for a while and I am in NYC doing something different. I just finished performing at Austin City Limits with my friend Happie Hoffman The show was amazing and it was quite inspiring to be part of a large team. It was also was [World Mental Health]( day. That day made me reflect on my own issues with mental health. Specifically, the lack of care I have had going on for the most important things including myself in the recent months and being blinded by my unawareness. This brings me to a little story below.

I titled this portion _”cleaning house”_ because I ordered a task rabbit 5 times to clean and they all canceled on me. It made me say to myself “Rami, you have to clean up your stuff sometimes. You can’t always use a task rabbit.”

No disrespect to task rabbit though! I appreciate your services but I am doing the deep cleaning for now.

Upcoming Dates + Festivals

Oct 25 Bald Fest @ Rubulad Brooklyn, NY Buy Tickets
(interested in participating or covering press? email !! People with hair welcome.

Nov 6 NYC Marathon pledge $$ to help Holocaust Survivors

Nov 8 New York Comedy Festival @ Caroline’s Comedy Club (Rap Battle) NY
Come watch me battle for the first time in 12 years in NYC!!

Nov 15 Hell Yes Fest New Orleans, LA

New Ra. New Mi. New Music.
I’m currently recording and creating so much new stuff as different project. I am excited to show it to you. If you wanna help or get involved or even come to the studio, send a friendly note to me.

Wanna grab some stuff for the fall? Take a trip in the store here
Wanna grab a freestyle rap about your friends / fam ?? Cameo link

Thanks for being here and chatting soon.

<3 Rami

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