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A little bit about my Israel Trip – the people and the passion.

Israel has been different than usual. I am speaking more hebrew. I am not exploring as much. I am trying to form real connections with people with the possibility of coming back here. It is an interesting way to travel. While many people come to visit family, I came to experience life differently. I yearn the connection of language and communication. i want to record music. I want to perform. I want to be on stage to show my talents and meet people. I caught myself performing multiple times since I have been here. One show was last night at Mike’s place. The other time was at BeerBazaar The other was at Radio in Tel Aviv. What would like be like outside of los angeles? What would like be out of the norm?

When i got to Tivon I felt slight weird in my grandparents old house. I did feel like it was awesome to be part of the small neighborhood. I would love to throw a festival in my parents old town in the park. Maybe a nice show. I always wonder why I never go to Haifa. I bet there so much to do there. Maybe my dreams could come true.

I am enjoying not driving at all. It is a great feeling . TO not be in traffic. TO not be in a parking zone where you get towed or ticketed. I am grateful for my legs. It is such a blessing to walk!

I meet some interesting people. There are lots. one is the Jappanese neighbor from my Hostel. He looks at a place and looks for the chepaest flight he can take and buys it. This is a way to travel. Then I meet a woman who is jewish but def is in love with Christ. I can tell she loves me and wants to feel it like she does. I do love her though and appreciate her missing teeth and her being the character. She really does love me. We bond over taking hard boiled eggs to save for later in the buffet. She was a woman…and a half…for sure!

Tomorrow I’ll go to Hebron. It is obviously not the best place to stay for Air B N B. I’ll make it to the wall and all to wail away and take that picture and say some prayers for my family. But more important I will make the effort to see the family.

I am currently charging my elecrtronics. Where should I go? To the street. I keep meeting more. I wanting to meet more people.

I have been to all 50 states. I have been to many countries. But there is no place like this place when it comes to a sense of belonging.
I come back to America on Dec 5th for some Channukah shows, and if you are here. we can start early.

But anyways, I want to tell you that something is special about this time here. The language, the post tour blues here…it feels good!
I have a feeling I’ll be back way sooner than anyone else thinks 🙂

Dillz in December!!

Nov 29 HEICHAL-SHLOMO CENTER w/ Solomon Brothers and yehuda of Moshav Band Jerusalem, IL 8:30
dec 3 Jerusalem Parade TBD Jerusalem, IL (day time)
Dec 5 6th street synagogue w/ Lazer Lloyd New York, NY
Dec 6 Flowery w./ Rejews.org + Friends Brooklyn, NY
Dec 7 Pike ballroom Pontiac MI
Dec 17 Mercury Ballroom w/ FRTZ New York, NY
Dec 19 Peppermint Club Tree of Life Fundraiser Los Angeles, CA
Dec 21 Belasco Theatre Los Angeles, CA

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