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I’m at ROI in Israel Day 1

Hey guys.
Im back to updating my website because I want to rock n roll with you and keep you post don everything I do, while I travel the world doing amazing things and bringing you all levels of Kosha Dillz.

This past year, I applied for something called ROI.

It is essentially the coolest thing of jews around the world getting together, and all uniting for the common goal of doing their interesting jewish thingzzzz , in one room.

Interesting people I met.

– a lawyer leading the the fight against trump with a real law case on a national level for his policy on immigration
– a girl who start up something called Kosher Porn
– a woman from the Jewish community of Uganda
– a really cool Chabad guy

I’ll try to keep updating this as I sleep on the floor with jet lag and attempt to meet as many people as possible. I have an interview with YNET today and I also have a new music video coming out with Meir Kay, so it is exciting times in general. Feel free to reach out to chat about some ROI via the schusterman organization. I am super grateful for these vibes.

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