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Today is my birthday – August 26!

Today is My b day. Today is national dog day . Today, women also received the right to vote in 1920. Mother Theresa and Macaulay Culkin were born on August 26 as well.Some of the greatest things in the world happened on August 26. If it wasn’t for today, the movie Home Alone wouldn’t be here. World peace would be hopeful without Theresa.. Also, Cats would be more important than dogs. But, they are not.Today is an important day. Today is August 26th. My Birthday!
If you wish to give me a present, please do not. Help someone less fortunate. I am doing just fine, Although I appreciate all the attention that facebook gives us on the birthday. Ask someone you actually have a relationship with about how they are doing. Ask someone who is feeling down about how they are doing. Rekindle those relationships. I find my greatest joy is when I help other people and ask them about their lives, rather than always think about me.
But yeah… I will in be LA tonight and SF tomorrow and New Hampshirre the next and then Berlin and then Warsaw and Krakow and Frankfurt and Berlin and Brussels and Amsterdam…so if you really wanna give me a present, I’ll take one, plus a free music video, and another 40 city tour and an ice cream.
thx internet xxoo
Love you! Kosha

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