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Wake up and smell the family

Today I have been reading a lot on my older brother Zach. He recently has sent me a book, actually an encyclopedia which has been amazing to read because it goes back over the history of my family and integrating everything from our family to strength training with stones, pushing cars, push ups, dead lifts and more.

I think it’s crucial for people to know what is up with the family of Kosha. My renegade style of rapping is the thirst for success and I see that our family is down the line of impressing brothers. We have one brother, Eilon who teaches Krav Maga to yeshiva kids. Then Zach, who is opposite on the religious spectrum, and goes to hard core strength training. Then there is me, who is sort of a DIY master caught up in similar depression my brother had, but now have been clean off drugs and alcohol for over ten years.


With 3 brothers, I think it is beneficial for me to always fill you in on what they’re doing, because I truly understand where my foundation comes from while reading my brother’s book.

Looking forward to sending you links when it comes out next week.


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