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tour blog #1 : Matisyahu Tour – Sacramento

Drove a long way and revived the Nissan pathfinder for its first USA tour in quite some time. now tipping over 205,000 miles, my tour bus is an official tank. I drove from Koreatown to Ace of Spades, where I last Smanged it with Turquoise Jeep. The only difference is tonight I do not have my own set, and but there is 700 more people here than last time. Everyone seems happy here and I met a cool women who thought I was gonna rob her with my square application so far. Our back stage consists of push up machines and 25 pound dumbbell. There is some kettle-corn, and raw vegan peanut butter, so I make myself a peanut butter and jelly samwich. (sandwich).

Sacramento slightly reminds me of the albequerque area. Its sorta shady but not really in certain areas…but the people who are shady really freak me out. (it must be the meth thing)

Speaking of meth, although I am rapping tonight in front of many people, I really wanna be watching Breaking Bad. It actually hurts me slightly. haha.
But damn. Matisyahu is selling the place out. 900 people is pretty damn good, especially when he is playing a solo joint.

Just think the other day he played at 630 pm and there was 1500- 2000 people there already in Costa Mesa? Oh speaking of Costa Mesa The first day of tour i already got in trouble for selling merch in the stadium. You figure they try to arrest me like its drugs. Its just a cd guys.
I got to rap pretty stellar over there…Matis left the stage and it was just me there.
Like hey matis. wtf – who knows when he’ll come back. ? Pretty friggin awesome though. I ended up meeting some really superstar nutritionist in Orange County, kicked it with ZIon I, and shared some good laughs.

9 hour ride to Boise tomorrow. Wish me luck on that ass carnival of a ride. I’ll certainly need a massage if you find me.

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