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mike tyson and me = FUN FUN FUN

not many people wake up every day realizing they could beat anyone’s ass they want. Well…
now after kosha dillz meets mike tyson, he can too. (ok that’s me in thrid person writing this)

Im super proud to present the fact that I have not only managed to be followed by Prodigy from Mobb Deep on twitter. but I will also have begun to impress the likes of celebrities like Mike Tyson.

so far in LA
i have dated a girl who gave me an old pair of shia lebeouf’s socks
given a cd to paris hilton’s body guard
given a cd to TYLER THE CREATOR’S mom.
hung out at Rza’s crib.
rapped with a girl who is opening for nicki minaj and britney spears all summer
become the best jewish rapper in korea town.

what’s next?

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