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how about a poem?

SO here it goes guys. Im going to start writing spontaneous powetry about whatever my mind wants me too. Subjects will include sexuality, drugs, coffee, tea names, israeli/palestinian youtube warfare, chicago pizza, taxi cab rides, grapes and cheese, hanging out at the supermarket, pharmacy trips, the president, and more stuff that you don’t care about.

the weird guy at walgreens

“SNort snort choooweet” puke without the ke.
I know im the weird guy at walgreens who work overnight
I smell weird i stock shelves i overbite dont overwrite this.
i have a right face and tight grip on life shit
THey dont let me work in the day because I have tourettes
I know you go on tour yes?
how about more stress?
making weird sounds that sound really weird
make screaming noises with this blade when I shave
no foam,aisle 4 got more in store the dry eraser board
aisle 6 christmas cards and last minute gift ideas
aisle 7 has rogaine and hair supplies along with toothbrushes and toothpaste, big size small medium
aisle 1 has haii supplies for womenn MAHHHHH

aaisle 10 there is this old box of wnedy french fries look WAHHHHH choowee pu with out the kE

my name is marvin on the overnight overbite manager dont hate me
i just wanna be like everyone AHHH ele AHHH ELSE.
still got the same health!! ahhh still charge 3.99 for 4 dry eraser markers and 245 for a package of q tips. i give it true shit fuuuuuck
have a nice night. THanks for coming to Wall ahhhhh Wall ahhhh Greens.

k thanks.

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