Holy tour blog! “alive and well” day 1

I am on tour with some new guys. Three guys actually from utah. MC Pig Pen, Dusk One, and Pat Maine.

after day 1, there noteable moments already, to prove this will be one hell of an experience.

arrive at st louis airport to be picked up b MC PiIg Pen in the tour bus, aka the tou van, aka the kia, with stick shift.

Roll through the hood in search of venue, getting lost for quite some time.

Check in sound to Gramophone where we meet Matt (sound guy) and Ru, 2 cool people that are running the show.

Set up times to rock with all bands rude punch and sinizen while almost getting rolled on by a singer/song writer. Classic. Shocking. Sad. The locals with all the draw didn’t even draw enough so we could get paid.

In respect of the night we Cut sets short after sending MC Pig Pen to Jimmy johns for a cheese sub.

St Louis hip hop crews roll out to find us kicking it and our people come thru in times of need. We got some great video that will be utilized in, well, something. (awesome)

We slid off to the Courtesy diner with the crew to find the witress of last time, and she said she almost cut somebpody who kicked it to her. (just before I was about to call her “hey hot stuff” ) Pig Pen slapped a sticker on the Milk Machine and made history in this city while I rejoiced with a drunken Man about Eddie Veder and how he should move to New Jersey and never look back.

I forgot, I bought a cd from Sinizen in support of their tour for $5.

Byron Crawford came through and one rapper repeatedly gave him cds and told him to bash it and tear it apart. and then again. and then again.
Then this rapper passed out on his front lawn after the show and left Mc Pig Pen Pat Maine and Dusk one outside of their stayhouse till 6am when he woke up off the steps of his own house.

good news through out the night:

1. I came back to some messages from Domngo about being on his new album with Joel Ortiz, (one of my favorites right now)

2. The kids from utah eventually got inside of their place.

3. I didn’t get locked out of my place.

Oh, I forgot to say I also got an email that out of 500 entries to the DuckDown contest for NBA2k11, I ended up making the top 10 !!!.

post a comment, why not??? thanks.

next stop…the kitchen…the pancakes…the shower….the ten hour drive…

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