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special moments of 2009

check out the first time myself and flex Mathews rocked with Matisyahu (12/19/09)

why is it special?
we started off infront of 15 people in nashville where we first met and slept in the dirtiest house ever known to man.

9. How not to stage dive.

watch and watch till its happening!

wow…did you ever freestyle like this after a show with a guy that really doesn’t beat box and just be dedicated…this was one of the funnest stuff on tour to do…

this is fun time with my lady and birthday sharer…bridget lyons 8/26/1981 🙂 how awesome and fun how awesome is fun fun and how awesome is fun….

ok it gets better…really does it??/it sure does…how about sundance..myself and ron jeremy. Oh man this is the worst memorable 8 seconds of my life.

On a weird note, this darling girl doens’t call me back but her beauty and my rhymes and mr barclay’s firecting skill will get us on MTV in 2010. Hey not bad for me…right.MTV>>>??? thats kinda cool…i guess

look at me win this really cool battle…ts so cool..because its Hot 97…
and i won…1st place…

look at 15,000 people screaming for me…and Matisyahu, la la la…this was special because I had no idea that I’d be on stage…so it was special:) tampa

trick or treat tirck or treat give me something good to eat…i cut off crazy legs legs…yep.you heard me right:) frankenstein saves hip hop….and me!!!

nbot only did i win that battle..but it won me some cool opportunities..like pIng Pong and touring with Rza….so thats kinda cool..

here I am in europe for my first performance… bad recording..

wow..look at me infront fo thousand with el da sensai..big time performance in czech republic…hradec kralove hip hop kemp.

I got on this Fun IN the Sun tour…it was awesome….this was a stepping stone with Matisyahu since we just rocked in front of 10,000 people easy here.and it was the last show of his tour..so many people at the festival….and Akream talked about his legs and ruined the moment…a and Black Skeptik came from his holy grounds of boulder with all kinds of weed compound stories..

but you know the best moments are really just coming back home and kicking it with yor boys..just jammin out…just being with family after the long tours…you can just tell in the questions skep asks me like im floating on air when I get off stage…but dancing is my true love

we grind..we rhyme..we cypher…we do it..

unitl now..this is what pops up..but let me show you the fun times!!!
remember..it wasnt always like this:)

peace love and freestyles.to 2009 in the rhyme..hello twenty ten..lets make some friends!

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