ok fun things that have happened on this tour

1. Keys stolen…by some bum in olympia who randomly took them out of his pocket and wrote my license plate on his leg. Also,
we had a “weird content in wallet contest” and some girl whippe dout a lamenated picture of a baby in a magazine she looks a to make herself happy when felling down.
Me and akream also did a radio interview @ evergreen state college radio.
2. Recorded with group called Junkyard gang

3. Spokane Washington i was threatened by a man in flip flops.

4. In Boise show had 10 people there and we went to neurolux and I got kicked out of a place so these peeps went to work and i kicked it at a record exchange and bought a paper wallet for 15 dollars.

5. Salt lake city black skeptik skipped and we sayed with mormon rapper definition and his girl kicked us out for dance class awe watched biggie the movie at night. i played a gig with people and rocked uprok and then cannon in with akream and met a kid form israel I knew and also a girl from sundance i took pictures with in a ray-ban sunglasses booth.

6. boulder had me running around to mountains with kirna and doing cool instores..akream and i had a feast of a BBQ in colorado…#3 bbqer in the world

7. Worlds most tattooed mayor in Campo Co
#2 BBQ in world.

8. 4 speeding tickets between three drivers and two cars in the amount of $10,000.
(just kidding-but nah really doe)

9. lightning struck our venue in oklahoma and we magically still giged for 50 people at Bora Bora,

10. Black Skeptik and I performed in a wrestling ring in Phoenix before Akream got to oklahoma. He also got stranded in Greyhound…but thats nothing special That always happens.

Thre are more things to come to us..but tight now we ar ein seattle bound and have some more stuff coming to you guys…

I just wanted to keep you pdated.

oh ps.!
11. Went swimming in Colorado river and got the revenge of Montezuma…

12. sprained my thumb in a Ultimate frisbee game with Indian exchange students in oklahoma University.

13. Black skeptik was kidnapped by a hippie commune pirate radio station. (boulder)

14. Akream is a white rapper with black cousins in every state.

15. Ate my first vegan hot dog at a gay hot dog stand

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