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Blog from bar

I’m in wisconsin…you pump gas here and then pay…I saw racine (the place where a league of their own had a baseball team with KIT pitching) And my jordans are getting dusty.
(His bar gave us pizza..I dropped it on the floor and I am so hungry I still wanted it but flex wouldn’t let me eat it!)

So the road is great. I’m sort of tired and lonely and miss mrs dillz and momma dillz…flex’s feet getting cold and its just overwhelming at times but I’m grateful because the money is coming in.

I am setting up meetings and dropping off music to people one cd at a time:)

Ill keep you posted on oshkosh…but already we see an amalgam digital shirt, a old woman ready and willing to buy merch (and play darts) and a dj without cerrato.

Baruch hashem to the rapperfriends

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