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15 awesome ways I crushed it in 2015

Hey Dillzionaires. Somethings I can’t believe I did in 2015. There are some things that are awesome in life and 2015 was one of them. Most of the stuff is […]

Warped Tour! Day off – 12 day run – Boston, Cinci, and Toronto this week!

Hey Dillzionaires. We have been on a 12 day run. I ust brought a safe full of money to a bank and had over 800 $1 bills. lol. Here is […]

BLOG: Warped Tour is on and Popping. 12 days coming up.

Hey guys Writing you from Cafe Coco in Nashville. I just had pretty ride through town with a local friend and now me and flex are here just vibing out […]


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Preparing for Warped Tour. What a Kosha Dillz day looks like

call Miko Musebox PR USB pickle call emai darah Erez call Miko and 12” vinyl contact Ricky for CDS approval Send flex song to record send XP song contact Riza […]

The life of Kosha Dillz before Warped Tour – 50 days and counting

hey guys. It’s 50 days and counting until warped tour. Today is consisting of all kinds of cool things like handling my flights to Detroit and chicago for a weekend […]

Warped Tour announcement video

Just so you guys know, Bryan Stars hooked it up with the announcement and everyone is coming through on the love. I appreciate it all.

Hangin’ Out with Lupe Fiasco x Flex Mathews

sometimes I wish I was hangin’ out with cool People. Other times I actually do! Check out this video of me rocking with Flex Mathews opening if you like this […]

Bring It Back = Get Me Pumped!

Things like this end up in my inbox only so often. Stuff like this really gets me pumped. to be a TRUE muscial conoiesseur (hope thats spell correct; con-oh saur) […]