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Writing my thoughts in LA for August – how can I be better?

Hey guys. I’m tryin to keep my schedule to a point where I am working out every day and losing weight, making myself more attainable, making money and producing more […]

My friend Mikey Pauker is Extraordinairy ! (video)

Mikey pauker is in the place to be. Cop his up coming album on October 1st. Good friend and great musician.

shabazz reel is funky fresh

Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys 2012 Demo Reel from Ricky Shabazz on Vimeo. check ths out if you like visuals. He is fresh and is acting min the […]

Aaron Cohen – Up and DOwn video

yo this is my homie and I mpush him hard. he is the truth. Not that he was lying or anything before,but heis the trth. nad he is jewish. nad […]

new PAce Won and mr green video in effect

hey guys i know its not ruthless but…self promo gets old to me..i love supporting friends..MR Green produced my Rollercoaster baby song which wil be released digitally through some good […]