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#SXSW is here – KOSHA DILLZ OY VEY! 3rd annual party + 10 shows

This year will be my 3rd annual voyage with OY VEY SXSW, which bridges together acts from Jewish Culture and other cultures, creating understanding and most of all, an amazing […]

freestylin’ at SXSW for random companies!

kosha raps for a korean video game company COM2US OY VEY ALL DAY.

SXSW for children – SXkids = The Little Yoga House = The Little Kosha House!

I’m sorry but when being cute goes completely right, you get the little yoga house. I will be performing here on thursday marc 14th at 1 pm and if any […]

Kosha Dillz music video – “Hangin Out” is finally here! party time –

Have you ever thought there was more to life than just laying around all day with your homies? Well…you’re wrong there isn’t. “Hangin’ Out” is the anthem for all people […]

DETERMINATION- Audibile Hype article

Hey guys just look through for this super fresh article i wrote on determination enjoy. http://www.audiblehype.com/blogs/business/2011/feb/07/kosha-dillz-determination/ Kosha Dillz, as you already know, never actually stops moving. Right now he’s on […]

Hey Josh, we are excited to work with you

we are gonna be wokring with our homie from Heyjosh.com not only is he a cool hip advice guyto the youth, but he also give a Hy-duken fireball from street […]