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Kosha Dillz opens for NAS at MRY party

the video link says it all. Kosha Dillz opens for Nas @ SXSW. Who would ever think a video could describe how it actually felt!

SXSW vlog – racist cop?

THis was really weird to catch this on camera, so I decided to leave it up for the world to decide. I think our lack of awareness in general can [...]


Blog – Opened for Nas Last night – day 1 x 2 SXSW

Could you believe that a man like me would open for Mr. Nasir Jones? Believe it. Thanks to the good folk at MRY, a killer tech company who throws the [...]

SXSW- day 2 and day 3 combined – Kosha, Rev Run, Ashely Simpson x German phone charger dude

Day 2 can combine with day 3. Imagine me opening up for Reverend Run of Run Dmc, although he is more so a STAR than a reverend. I play two [...]

#SXSW is here – KOSHA DILLZ OY VEY! 3rd annual party + 10 shows

This year will be my 3rd annual voyage with OY VEY SXSW, which bridges together acts from Jewish Culture and other cultures, creating understanding and most of all, an amazing [...]

new video with Mark Spits – The Gun Show”

Along the way and in my journeys i meet some interesting characters. imagine a flex off in an entire song. So many people in this video, it makes the song [...]

DIY DILLZ #1 – 5 ways to make it work when you are sick

5 ways to make it work when you are sick Feeling off, like you’ll never be on again? Here are a couple things to do to make your time go [...]

Haim and nardwuar

i feel like I’m gonna know these girls for a long time. Gorgeous talented and valley. i don’t even know but you should.

California on Jewish Rapper: Kassem G x Kosha Dillz

This really happened. Me and DJ SIDEREAL