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Moshav and Matisyahu “World on Fire” teaser video

my boys from Moshav who I rap with also just cut a video with Matisyahu on their new album. Def not awkward at all. Verymoving video and great direction via […]


why not rap at denny’s about lulav and etrogs at 1:30 am in orlando? do it! it was post show of Matisyahu and we were just kicking it.

8 artists that Do the DIY for Chanukah and bring that light – by Kosha Dillz

Chanukah is sort of this story of miracles….where they only had enough oil for one night but it lasted for eight. Imagine if a show promoter had enough money for […]

Kosha Comments on the closing of JDUB Records

Whenever I tour around the country, I have been referred to get a deal with “J Dub.” Its unfortunate that as my career gets bigger and people turn to what […]

in LA>..but remember NY- kosha dillz on the road to 8 mile

hey guys its me.. i think this is a classic picture take by Natty Night. My self and Homeboy sandman just rocked last night at the legendary project blowed with […]

I wanna Dance and Rap

hey guys..though I had so much fun in the city yesterday It made me wanan dance and rap. With that being said, the other week I rapped with adancer. Not […]

off to san diego.but first..cmj 2009 recap!

ok…darshan ephryme, the drummer, the bastard hosts, the awesome guests, the pizza eaten outside of the venue, the flex mathews savior..three labtops and no sound guy, bekay,Diwon matt d, more […]

the NEWS I bet you wanna know! coming to a couch near you!

hey everyone its here. the news. I am going on tour with Matisyahu… see you in san diego.denver, tempe, des moines…ok more and more…just look at the dates and throw […]

im leaving for tour today

hello everyone..i hope you reead my raves and rant…i shall hit the road fora tour today and things may be bumpy. Atlanta will be A3C…a festival i was accepted into […]

matisyahu fall tour is massive

yes yes yes. Matisyahu is back baby. He gotta massive tour coming to you this fall in support of his amazing new release Light. You will definitley catch me on […]