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des moines – via burlington- @ trevor hall show

Hey so Im at Caroline’s dorm room where its all hot and steamy, sike…well no really but we rocked a show in front of 500 people about to jump all […]

update and apologies for being Gone. but im still here!

hey guys apologies as I havent been blogging…writing and all that. I just got done watching a really sad movie about leukemia and it did a h20 cleansing on my […]

holy tour blog! – lots of days-memories

as time goes on tour you lose track of time zones. you also lose track of what state you are in, who paid for gas last, and who else is […]

ALive and well tour w Pig pen and Pat maine in Las Vegas!

buncha fools these guys are…but Ill be on the road with them and push them till they cant be pushed no more..ill put themn through hustler camp..and make them vomit!! […]

in portland to nc–blgo number10 or 11 or 12

totally overwhlemed as a one man team… It is tough to blog..im on the phone with flex mathews… and have two other blogs I have to write and promo the […]