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15 awesome ways I crushed it in 2015

Hey Dillzionaires. Somethings I can’t believe I did in 2015. There are some things that are awesome in life and 2015 was one of them. Most of the stuff is […]

Kosha Dillz European Tour Vlogs 1 x 2 : Watch them both here !!

Check me out at the Woohah Festival with superstar acts Chance the Rapper, Mos Def, Method Mand and Red Man and Danny Brown. Lots of antics and fun in between […]

My New video is one for the history books – What’s Going On Upstairs

this video is just as fun to watch as it is to make. directed by matty smooch

aaron cohen finally made this video for my favorite song

my bro aaron cohen made this dope video for one of my favorite songs he has ever done. Stanley Kubrick Pretty awesome, and Aaron gonna be rap famous quite soon. […]

Pozy gotta music video in Long Island – Kid N Play invited him!

Yo…this dude Pozy got some heat. He is a good cat and does shows in LI, and I think his video is a mix of old-school hip hop and Kid […]

VIDEO DEBUT: Kosha dillz – “Moses Wasteland”

check out the new video from Kosha Dillz. Its called Moses Wasteland, smapling the beat from songstress Chelsea Wolfe. directed by the one and only Robbie Barclay, who did the […]

shabazz reel is funky fresh

Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys 2012 Demo Reel from Ricky Shabazz on Vimeo. check ths out if you like visuals. He is fresh and is acting min the […]

Aaron Cohen – Up and DOwn video

yo this is my homie and I mpush him hard. he is the truth. Not that he was lying or anything before,but heis the trth. nad he is jewish. nad […]

aaron cohen ” you never should have let me know” videooooo yo

i was singing this shit at therpay the other day…and then..i some how am missing 100 dollars. now im like ” oh no noooo no noooo” NO! aaron coehn is […]

DNA video – “Gone” supporting the supporters

one thing i do is support. Its something that’s taken me a long time to get for myself. Its tricky. One thing I also learned that when you do get […]