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So you guys know. I play in LA tomorrow at the Mint – next week at MSG and PIANOS

OMG, guys tomorrow I have an awesome show and it’s at the mint with a friend of mine who plays in Cee Lo Green’s band as the drummer. She flys [...]

Videos from Har Nof Terror Attack

While I was in Israel the other week I made a vide about my time there and also met some powerful people, including PT who was one of the first [...]

New music video: Kosha Dillz “In da Club”

Filmed all over HOlland nad Belgium by Ed jansen, this video came to life in a matter of 24 hrs of partying driving, performing and multiple countries. The excitement in [...]

Jewish Festival in Krakow – Maybe I’ll go and perform?

I recently performed at a Contemporary Jewish Museum and I saw my life flashing before me. I wanted ot go to Poland to retrace the steps of my family in [...]

Rosh Hashanah Rap – by Kosha DIllz :)

A ROSH HASHANAH RAP by Kosha Dillz aka Rami Even-Esh Fifty Seven Seventy Five / is not the combo of my locker It’s also not the age of my Mother [...]

Lil Dicky – Jewish Flow

I gotta say it but this video is one of the tightest and necessary things to come out somebody’s mouth in a long time. Just did a show with Dicky [...]

WEST KOSH TOUR – San Fran 9/6 and LA 9/17

You see it here. Kosha Dillz is taking over the WEST KOSH San Fran is tomorrow with Doja Cat, Sofia Hoops, Steve 1der, Brass mAgic, Ze’Ev nad Eric Rachmany of [...]

comical vlog: Low End Theory experience w/ “Drugs”, Fights, Anderson Paak, George Watsky, Verbs, Kevin Brueck

Here is the vlog from the other night I created. I hope you love it and get a laugh. Low End Theory is one of the coolest places ever.

European Tour VLOG w/ Mundial Festival, Wiz Khalifa, Mitu Music, Kenyan Homies + more!

Lots of stuff happens in Europe. You always need to have your iphone to film a documentary of it as well Luckily I did.

New Matisyahu Video – Check it ouuuuut – Surrender

  It lives and dies in the moment. Surrender. shutting it down before you get open! Check out the new matisyahu video. Lots of great symbolism in here. For some [...]