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WEST KOSH TOUR – San Fran 9/6 and LA 9/17

You see it here. Kosha Dillz is taking over the WEST KOSH San Fran is tomorrow with Doja Cat, Sofia Hoops, Steve 1der, Brass mAgic, Ze’Ev nad Eric Rachmany of [...]

comical vlog: Low End Theory experience w/ “Drugs”, Fights, Anderson Paak, George Watsky, Verbs, Kevin Brueck

Here is the vlog from the other night I created. I hope you love it and get a laugh. Low End Theory is one of the coolest places ever.

European Tour VLOG w/ Mundial Festival, Wiz Khalifa, Mitu Music, Kenyan Homies + more!

Lots of stuff happens in Europe. You always need to have your iphone to film a documentary of it as well Luckily I did.

New Matisyahu Video – Check it ouuuuut – Surrender

  It lives and dies in the moment. Surrender. shutting it down before you get open! Check out the new matisyahu video. Lots of great symbolism in here. For some [...]

Vlog #18 – team backpack cypher day!

This day was really awesome. It was just fun in general. I can’t say anything more….but watch and comment!

the revolution of Vlog – the first 3. Kosha Dillz

It’s starting. im starting to let you know who I am. It’s like I always need to be filming. but more importantly I will be able to document my actual [...]


sometimes you gotta throw it back when you know its that.

Kosha Dillz is Everywhere: Rollin with Kosha Dillz: A SXSW Voyage!

Hey guys. Sometimes its a wonder of what its like to be the “elephant in the room” at SXSW in my head. Here is a visual. Hope you can share [...]

Rapping about a Hooters Girl and Floyd Mayweather on Hollywood blvd (2 videos) over Deca beats

Sometimes I rap. Sometimes I rap really awesome. Other times…i’m just ok. But I am consistent, and these videos seem to be related to boxing stuff i am not so [...]

#SXSW is here – KOSHA DILLZ OY VEY! 3rd annual party + 10 shows

This year will be my 3rd annual voyage with OY VEY SXSW, which bridges together acts from Jewish Culture and other cultures, creating understanding and most of all, an amazing [...]