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I’m at ROI in Israel Day 1

Hey guys. Im back to updating my website because I want to rock n roll with you and keep you post don everything I do, while I travel the world […]

15 awesome ways I crushed it in 2015

Hey Dillzionaires. Somethings I can’t believe I did in 2015. There are some things that are awesome in life and 2015 was one of them. Most of the stuff is […]

Yom Kippur Reflectin

Yom Kippur is about forgiving and being forgiven custom essay for all the sins you did in the prior year. I am hoping to be forgiven yes, but My true […]

I made it to Aspen and flew home on Christmas as a Jew

Nothing like a smile in a picture to remind your friends in LA that snow exists. Let me know if you know what it is like to feel warm! Also […]

WEST KOSH TOUR – San Fran 9/6 and LA 9/17

You see it here. Kosha Dillz is taking over the WEST KOSH San Fran is tomorrow with Doja Cat, Sofia Hoops, Steve 1der, Brass mAgic, Ze’Ev nad Eric Rachmany of […]


sometimes you gotta throw it back when you know its that.

my favorite jewish rapper SPEAK! #passover in a bulletproof denali

he raps about cool shit . Def the nicest Jewish rapper I know west side artgoon craigslist killer!! It gotta be the hair like samson! this is a 70s acid […]

watch out J DATE-here comes a new app. from YENTA

go figure. You can download your next single (date) as an app and find the girl/guy of your dreams. More importantly you know they’ll have an I PHONE. This is […]

THe facts of what is–bloggage not baggage

the dates the rapper the stuff that happens