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I’m at ROI in Israel Day 1

Hey guys. Im back to updating my website because I want to rock n roll with you and keep you post don everything I do, while I travel the world […]

15 awesome ways I crushed it in 2015

Hey Dillzionaires. Somethings I can’t believe I did in 2015. There are some things that are awesome in life and 2015 was one of them. Most of the stuff is […]

“Tubeshvat Hop” – Kosha Dillz ft. Ari Lesser

Don’t you love new music? The other day was Tubeshvat , the new year for Trees, and myself and Ari Lesser rock over a Bitter Wilson beat, aka Kentron Da […]

Never Again – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, January 27th, is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camps and is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Since my grandparents’ entire families died in the Holocaust and […]

Interview about Har Nof Terror Attacks (part 2 of 3)

AS many of you know I have been to ISrael right after the Har Nof Terror Attacks, and I strongly urge you to educate yourself on the evil of the […]

Videos from Har Nof Terror Attack

While I was in Israel the other week I made a vide about my time there and also met some powerful people, including PT who was one of the first […]

I cried tonight. Thinking about The War

My Name is Rami Matan Even-Esh. You might know me as Kosha Dillz. My family has fought in every war of Israel’s existence. 1948 my grandfather, in 1967 the 6 […]

Mike Roth – My Bassist! – make a music video – Slow Down!

You gotta think that this is so chill. It’s nice to see mike in israel making this video Definition of a humble man and good guy. I love the fact […]

No More War – IDF Soldier vs Diwon x Kosha Dillz (video + MP3)

Sometimes you have to take a tank sounding beat and mix it up with “no more war” and make a super dope rap song. We did it , made a […]

craziness in israel for the Jews – hamas hates us – here and everywhere

Im up late losing sleep. I think about Israel day and night. praying for my friends and family. Wanting to learn more about the conflict, the roots, the history, the […]