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Kosha Dillz’ Awkward in a Good Way LP makes #19 on top 50 CMJ hip Hop albums of 2014 list!

OMG – We made it to #19 on top 50 hip hop album list on CMJ. This is a big deal guys. LIke look at all the people we are [...]

Writing my thoughts in LA for August – how can I be better?

Hey guys. I’m tryin to keep my schedule to a point where I am working out every day and losing weight, making myself more attainable, making money and producing more [...]

Kosha Dillz European Tour Vlogs 1 x 2 : Watch them both here !!

Check me out at the Woohah Festival with superstar acts Chance the Rapper, Mos Def, Method Mand and Red Man and Danny Brown. Lots of antics and fun in between [...]

Vlog #18 – team backpack cypher day!

This day was really awesome. It was just fun in general. I can’t say anything more….but watch and comment!

the revolution of Vlog – the first 3. Kosha Dillz

It’s starting. im starting to let you know who I am. It’s like I always need to be filming. but more importantly I will be able to document my actual [...]

Kosha Dillz live @ Webster Hall NYC on April 16th – eat dinner with Kosha!

I have a rap show in NYC! How exciting. This show I will get a couple awesome people to join me and I really want you to come. RSVP to [...]

DJ SIDEREAL music video – with Bone THUGS and GOONEEZ

As many of you know I have been rolling around with this producer/ DJ for a minute and this video is pretty awesome. It is some good ol’ bone thugs [...]

Rapping about a Hooters Girl and Floyd Mayweather on Hollywood blvd (2 videos) over Deca beats

Sometimes I rap. Sometimes I rap really awesome. Other times…i’m just ok. But I am consistent, and these videos seem to be related to boxing stuff i am not so [...]

Listen to all of my album on my Soundcloud

here ya go. The entire album is available to listen to. I hope you enjoy it. Its an amazing album

Kosha Dillz music video – “Hangin Out” is finally here! party time -

Have you ever thought there was more to life than just laying around all day with your homies? Well…you’re wrong there isn’t. “Hangin’ Out” is the anthem for all people [...]