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the revolution of Vlog – the first 3. Kosha Dillz

It’s starting. im starting to let you know who I am. It’s like I always need to be filming. but more importantly I will be able to document my actual [...]

Kosha Dillz live @ Webster Hall NYC on April 16th – eat dinner with Kosha!

I have a rap show in NYC! How exciting. This show I will get a couple awesome people to join me and I really want you to come. RSVP to [...]

DJ SIDEREAL music video – with Bone THUGS and GOONEEZ

As many of you know I have been rolling around with this producer/ DJ for a minute and this video is pretty awesome. It is some good ol’ bone thugs [...]

Rapping about a Hooters Girl and Floyd Mayweather on Hollywood blvd (2 videos) over Deca beats

Sometimes I rap. Sometimes I rap really awesome. Other times…i’m just ok. But I am consistent, and these videos seem to be related to boxing stuff i am not so [...]

Listen to all of my album on my Soundcloud

here ya go. The entire album is available to listen to. I hope you enjoy it. Its an amazing album

Kosha Dillz music video – “Hangin Out” is finally here! party time -

Have you ever thought there was more to life than just laying around all day with your homies? Well…you’re wrong there isn’t. “Hangin’ Out” is the anthem for all people [...]

did you see me at brooklyn hip hop fest in front of 10,000 people?

span -hebrish courtesy of the wonderful Darah GOlub

DJ Premier vs NArdwuar

I never met NArdwuar…but I know DJ Prmier. This is a really dope interview. I thought I’d share it…because its cool to see people you interact with in a interview [...]

It was all a dream – NEW SONG by KOSHA DILLZ (spread this!)

there comes a time when we all smack outselves back into reality and say oh yeah…”it was all a dream.” This song is some of the realest ish I never [...]

Freestyling for CBS at the SXSW Trade Show

Check it out! Recorded a little flow for CBS Radio at the Tel Aviv Beach Party booth at the SXSW Trade Show today!