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Flex Mathews had a Bar Mitzvah on the Matisyahu Tour

you think were the only ones who had fun? Nope. Flex gets a bar mitzvah too. You can’t tour with Matisyahu for all that time and not have one ..ya […]

8 artists that Do the DIY for Chanukah and bring that light – by Kosha Dillz

Chanukah is sort of this story of miracles….where they only had enough oil for one night but it lasted for eight. Imagine if a show promoter had enough money for […]

Real Hip Hop Lives here – Europe- a recollection of FATBEATS experiences from my current location

As I sit down at the Hotel Cerginov where me Bekay and El Gant stayed after we rocked out for thousands of people representing the rawest form of hip hop. […]

Lots of things: videos, MC HAMMER, 5 am, success, TV contests

So there is just all kinds of great thigns going on . We (myself and flex mathews) completed a mini tour starting from Boston to Philly to NJ to NYC… […]

survived the tsunami- and I documented the entire experience in 3 youtube videos.

I was scared of the tsunami. but I held tight We were really scared for our lives at this point. This was when we decided to play video games. so…we […]

live at Jewlicious w/ Flex Mathews and Matisyahu

ok so we got some cool things going on …were in hawaii im on vh1..and we havea sshow tonight..at the 39 hotel..our first honolulu gig!!! awesome… so lets link up […]

live from tour-#12 on cmj charts,SXSW, upcoming tour dates, DIY on the fly

well guys..i love rapping so does flex mathews. We are on tour together and planning to take the world by storm, or atleast by rental car. So far heroes for […]

Rapperfriends Show “tour” Promo!! feb 15th:)

Hey guys its been great so far.. This year already seems i have alot me support. We are on a roll as the merch is going well… were in the […]

feb 14th valentines show!! @ Lovin Cup Cafe BK!!

So for all you super duper lovers out there in the mean streets of williamsburg BK…I present to you with famed NYC concert presenter Peter Oasis, one of the premier […]